Crane Resplendence / Diplomat
Metal Fate Tokens

Unofficial - Compatible with Legend of the Five Rings LCG

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Introducing our unofficial crane variant tokens with our own original design. Two styles for the discerning crane: Regents of Resplendence and Esteemed Diplomat.

Regents of Resplendence

Anyone opposing a crane in court or combat should be dazzled by ripostes and resplendence -- this luxury token is a perfect weapon for doing just that.

Shiny Finish: This coin's finish has a regal shiny silver look. Eye-catching from across the table, the clean border and crisp metallic shine remind your opponents that these are no ordinary tokens. The bright silver goes very well with the blues of the artwork to provide a crisp contrast in most lighting.

Sparkling Stippled Surface: The surface background of these tokens uses a stippled (sandblasted) texture to provide a great feel and appearance. With this treatment, the silver shine reflects from every angle and reduces the likelihood of scratches or fingerprints on your luxury game pieces.

Esteemed Diplomat

No clan has earned more clout in the courts. Venerable politicians leverage their experience and influence to ensure the honorable cede to the empire's needs. Those unable to recognize a crane diplomat's unspoken advice will find themselves side-lined and powerless.

Antiqued Finish: A darkened and aged finish shows your experience in all matters large and small. With excellent contrast to the artwork, the darkened silver will remind your opponents that you deserve their esteem regardless of their lucky draws.

Additional Details

Reversible & Luxurious: Once you have our Crane variant design in hand and feel its solid metal and heft, you'll notice artwork of a graceful blue crane with a white sakura blossom on the front side. Flipping to the reverse side will reveal a kanji symbol for "honor" along with a regal silhouette of a crane in flight.

Prize Quality: These would make amazing tournament and game prizes, or a gift for the collector that must have the absolute best for their games. No one will have more impressive tokens at the table than these custom tokens.

Perfect Size: These metal coins are 0.9 inches in diameter (a tad smaller than a U.S. quarter) and are a perfect size for gaming. They are dense and really give you the impression of luxury. Tokens are custom-made die-struck soft enamel coins with hand-painted color on both sides.

Bonus container: Orders of 20 or more coins will include tubes for storage and transport of your tokens.


Though fully compatible with Legend of the Five Rings and similar games, these are unofficial and are not associated with or officially endorsed by Fantasy Flight Games or any other entity. Tokens are pictured here alongside promos for L5R Legend of the Five Rings LCG for context. Those cards are not included.

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