Owners and Designers: Mattie & Miranda

Thanks so much for visiting our online showroom! We personally designed or commissioned the art for every token on this site. Mattie is a collector & gamer and loved to enhance his own games with things no one else has. We created custom components for our games and realized many other passionate gamers would enjoy adding higher-end luxury and elegance to their board game components.

We've been designing and selling our gamepieces since 2017 and have honed our styles around collectibility and board game aesthetics. The hope is to create designs that delight high-end collectors and get them excited about enhancing all of their games with their unique playstyle.


We use 3D modeling and graphic design tools to carefully design and plan out each custom token. We then work with professional coin minters to create a 3D mold/die before we create prototype versions of each metal token. After we iterate on those to get a solid design for the medium, we'll get feedback from kindred players before minting hundreds and thousands of those. After quality review of the final products, we'll ship the best of the best tokens to our customers who expect the highest quality of materials and service.

If you're curious about the design process, you can see some of our videos here and here. Or check out the interview Mattie did with Meek Informant.

Concierge-Level Service

One of the most important aspects of the culture we're trying to build is to consistently demonstrate above-and-beyond VIP-quality service. We understand that our products require an investment far above most game components, and we work very hard to make sure the experience is a luxury one from purchase to delivery to the game table. Our mission won't be successful unless passionate players & collectors can trust us to receive amazing service and quality. (See our impeccable track history below for a taste of what you can expect!)


I've received plenty of great feedback and I would love if you looked through it all. I'm very proud of the pleased gamers you'll find below!

  • Etsy Shop - Reviews Link - I highly encourage you to read through the 100+ five-star reviews on Etsy to understand the level of luxury service and engagement I strive for. While the tokens are premium products and priced as such, the service should match that as well. You can see it in our reviews.
  • Facebook - Reviews Link - I'm lucky to have great feedback and reviews from our Facebook community. I'd love to see you there as well!
  • Reddit - Lots of great feedback there. See some of the community feedback on my tokens link1, link2, link3, and link4 (Magic).
  • Independent Video Reviews - Great reviews of the quality of the tokens can be found on the Fire Chicken Reviews YouTube channel


Giving back to the gaming community is important -- to keep it growing and encourage people to explore new ideas. Luxury Playstyle has official and unofficial sponsorships, all of which we're proud of. We've sponsored players (e.g. Aneil Seetharam), teams (e.g. Team SAS of the Luxurious Playstyle) leagues (e.g Discord L5R League), memes (e.g. Wandering Ronin Challenge), and websites (e.g. Bushi Builder). We're always looking for more opportunities to grow the gaming communities we design for-- don't be shy to reach out if you have an audience you think we'd match well with!

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