Prize Elemental Rings
Metal Element Ring Tokens

Unofficial - Compatible with Legend of the Five Rings LCG

Please read our reviews and watch our design process video, it helps to see these coins in action!

These luxury double-sided tokens represent five elements (Air, Earth, Fire, Void, Water) -- with one side having a shimmering blue ring (for political battles) and the other with a shimmering red ring (for military battles). 

Variant options available:
  • Default includes--
    • 5 Luxury Element Rings/Tokens
    • Protective Capsules: Plastic coin capsules to protect the coins in storage, transport, and in play
    • Cloth Pouch: Black drawstring pouch for transporting the coins

  • Luxury Case is perfect for tournament prizes or gifts!
    • Wooden Display Case:  Mahogany display case to proudly display the tokens or store them.
    • Everything from Default: Includes the prize elemental rings, the display case, protective coin capsules, and carrying pouch.

No one will have more impressive tokens at the table than these custom tokens. These dual-sided coins are 1.75 inches in diameter and made of brass. They have a shiny gold plating with jewelry-quality hard enamel producing the vibrant colors. The blue/red stripe uses a special sparkling enamel to visually separate it from the element colors. These coins are solid/hefty and really give you the impression of luxury. These make amazing tournament prizes, or a gift for the collector gamer that must have the absolute best for their games. Artwork is very dynamic and was selected to give energy and power to the element spheres.

Heavily influenced by the L5R default rings:

  • Air -- Brilliant shining sun (inset gold) and blue rays shine in the crisp, clear sky above white swirling clouds. Impossible to confuse for water, as might be in some other designs of the rings.
  • Earth -- The default mountain view, but with an exploding fissure, just big enough to swallow your enemies. Inset gold represents the sun/sky behind the mountains.
  • Fire -- Heavily influenced by the original fire, this uses oranges and reds to bring out the richness of the element. Inset shiny gold gives the radiance you would expect.
  • Water -- Misty cresting waves in beautiful light blues and white- the ocean mist spraying into the sky. Inset gold represents the sun/sky behind the waves.
  • Void -- The default dark orb, but its maelstrom is devouring everything in sight. Stars, planets, and elements are pulled into the Void, resulting in a starburst on the event horizon. You don't get more powerful than that!

Note: Some pictures show our original Void coin which does not have recessed metal in its design. That is no longer available-- only the artist's preferred version with recessed metal is included.

Though fully compatible with Legend of the Five Rings and similar games, these are unofficial and are not associated with or officially endorsed by Fantasy Flight Games or any other entity. Tokens are pictured here alongside promos for L5R Legend of the Five Rings LCG for context. Those cards are not included.

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