Imminent Demise Counters
Metal Poison Token Set

Unofficial - Compatible with Magic: The Gathering

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Set of 5 reversible tokens (front: 💀, back: ②)

Embrace the dark allure of impending death with our Imminent Demise counters. 

These exquisite tokens make unforgettable event prizes or spectacular gifts for players of games like Magic the Gathering and D&D 5e.

Designer Features:

  • Reversibility. Each sinister token is double-sided, with a dreaded gold skull framed by high-gloss black paint on one side, and the number "2" on the other. Ideal to track the toxic spread of poison or the impending doom from a failed death saving throw.
  • Conveniently Compact. The convenient size makes these game pieces easy to use and manipulate during gameplay. The tokens' design takes inspiration from popular poison tracking methods and features a sinister spike/fang motif.
  • Envy of the table. Continue to impress players with these eye-catching tokens plated with real 18K shiny gold, whether you're in a standard Magic tournament or tracking exhaustion in a D&D game. A perfect companion to our Crescendo counters.
  • Luxurious feel. These solid metal tokens are a sensory delight with a solid metal weight and a luxurious black gel paint finish. Hand one to another player and watch their eyes widen. Crafted with the same exacting standards as our Crescendo Counters, these are gaming tokens for the truly discerning player.
  • Compatible with Magic: the Gathering and D&D 5e. Our designer tokens are unofficial but entirely compatible with games like Magic and D&D 5e. We first unveiled these striking counters at Origins 2023, where they received glowing praise. Please note these are not endorsed by Wizards of the Coast, Hasbro, or any other entity.


  • Dimensions: ~1.18 inches by 0.76 inches (30mm x 19.4mm) and a thickness of 0.12 inches (3mm)
  • Shiny 18K gold finish
  • Solid metal with a durable zinc alloy
  • Black color using a high-gloss gel paint

Though fully compatible with Magic the Gathering and D&D 5e, these are unofficial and are not associated with or officially endorsed by Wizards of the Coast, Hasbro or any other entity. Tokens are often pictured alongside promos and cards for context. Those cards are not included and do not signify any tie to those companies. 

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