Prized Soldier
Metal Creature Tokens

Unofficial - Compatible with Magic: The Gathering

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Soldier tokens worthy of a tournament prize-- or the perfect gift for the collector who has everything else! I'm proud to release my first design for my all-time favorite card game.

Designer Features:

  • Two tokens in one. This is double-sided with the front depicting a normal soldier token while the other side includes a lifelink variant. I designed this with a custom white artwork flourish to signify the added ability.
  • Perfect size for deckboxes. A luxury token like this works best when it is sized well for the battlefield as well as your deckbox. The token is roughly the same height as a card, but one third the width of a card.
  • Envy of the table. These are eye-catching tokens plated with real 18K gold that will impress players whether you're in a standard tournament or even if you enjoy vintage or commander games.
  • Luxurious feel. Put these into another player's hands and watch their eyes widen. These have a solid metal weight and sculpturing that will demonstrate that you're playing in a league of your own.
  • Leaps off the table. The 3D sculpted metal elevates the artwork off of the battlefield, closer to the real world.
  • Compatible with games like Magic: the Gathering. While these are unofficial using our own designer artwork, they are perfectly compatible with games like Magic. These are not endorsed by Wizards of the Coast or any other entity.


  • Dimensions: 88mm x 22mm x ~5mm - 3.5in x 0.9in x ~0.2in
  • Weight: 42.5g / 1.5oz
  • Antiqued gold finish
  • Solid metal with a durable zinc alloy
  • White and black colors using a soft enamel

Introductory video

Though fully compatible with Magic the Gathering and similar games, these are unofficial and are not associated with or officially endorsed by Wizards of the Coast or any other entity. Tokens are often pictured alongside promos and cards for context. Those cards are not included and do not signify any tie to those companies.

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