Playstyle LLC Announces 100% of 2020 Profits to Go to COVID-19 Efforts



April 5, 2020


Luxury Playstyle to donate 2020 profits to COVID-19 Efforts

KENNETT, MO -- Playstyle LLC, the creators of the Luxury Playstyle brand of designer gamepieces for popular tabletop games, are announcing today that they will be directing any and all 2020 profits towards COVID-19 relief efforts and causes.

Miranda Casper, co-owner and head of operations at Playstyle LLC, said that this is the obvious right step in a world overwhelmed by the crisis.

"We've watched the countries of the world wrestle with this outbreak since January," she said. "Everyone is impacted and it's clear the challenges will continue through the year. We all need to help however we can."

Playstyle LLC plans to donate funds, protective masks, technical assistance, and other help to essential businesses and those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company has already used some of its international sourcing connections to secure protective equipment that has since been donated to healthcare workers and to others in need in the community.

Playstyle LLC designs and sells high-end game pieces for passionate tabletop gamers and collectors since 2017. The company's Luxury Playstyle brand has minted thousands of solid metal tokens that many consider to be the pinnacle of gaming collectibles.



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