Scorpion Blade, Conspiracy & Victory
Metal Fate Tokens

Unofficial - Compatible with Legend of the Five Rings LCG

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Special edition scorpion variant tokens -- celebrating the 2018 scorpion release and the grand victories of the tournament season.

Designer Token in Three Styles

Blade of Betrayal (New for Summer 2019)

As frequent instigators, witnesses, and perpitrators of bloody betrayals, no clan is better suited for a token to represent those acts.

Silvery Finish: This coin uses an antiqued silvery finish to represent the flash of ceremonial blades that slice before the victim registers the attack. This high contrast, sleek design will certainly capture your opponent's attention before their demise.

Spoils of Victory

With an impressive slew of victories, scorpion players dominated tournaments in recent years. This style celebrates winning at any cost.

Bright Finish: This coin uses a brilliant and vibrant copper finish to represent the splendor of earning the emperor's favor. This bright design will grab the attention of anyone at the table and show that scorpions are now masters of the daylight as well.

Designer's Choice: We recommend the Spoils of Victory brighter metal finish if high contrast and eye-catching luxury fits your playstyle. This is the designer's recommended metal finish for the discerning collector.

Cloak of Conspiracy

With more scorpion content on the horizon, what better way to celebrate than with a new luxury token design?

Dark Finish: This styling uses a darkened copper finish to represent the underhanded and shadowy nature of the scorpion philosophy. A crimson scorpion rises up from the sculpted metal, ready to strike from where it hides.

Subtle Impressions: We recommend the Cloak of Conspiracy style if you prefer a darker theme for your playstyle. The low contrast coloring delivers a more subtle representation of the artwork. Of course, some people find it's easier to control things from the shadows...


As with our other reversible tokens, these can represent "honor" on one side using the kanji displayed on a red background. They can represent scorpion-style counters on the reverse side (pictured here used as "fate" tokens).

These would make amazing tournament and game prizes, or gift for the collector gamer that must have the absolute best for their games. No one will have more impressive tokens at the table than these custom tokens.

These metal coins are 0.9 inches in diameter (a tad smaller than a quarter) and are a perfect size for gaming. They are dense and really give you the impression of luxury. Tokens are custom-made die-struck soft enamel antiqued coins with hand-painted color on both sides.

Bonus: Orders of 20 or more coins will include tubes for convenient storage and transport of your tokens.

Though fully compatible with Legend of the Five Rings and similar games, these are unofficial and are not associated with or officially endorsed by Fantasy Flight Games or any other entity. Tokens are pictured here alongside promos for L5R Legend of the Five Rings LCG for context. Those cards are not included.

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