Crane Reflection
Private Edition Fate/Honor

Unofficial - Compatible with Legend of the Five Rings LCG

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Special edition Crane variant tokens celebrating the 2019 Crane release..

Designer Token in Two Styles

Our new reversible Crane token boasts artwork of a graceful blue crane with a white sakura blossom. On the reverse side, it includes the kanji symbol for "honor" along with a regal silhouette of a crane in flight.

Refined Reflection

Mirrored Silver Finish: This coin uses a shiny and reflective silver finish. When they are pristine, the appearance is breathtaking. Only the most beautiful or honorable are suited for such a direct reflection of themselves and their actions. While other clans fall short, the Crane has impeccable honor and technique.

Cleaning Note: As every Crane knows, true grace requires incredible discipline and attention to detail. The reflective finish of these coins instantly displays fingerprints and oils from contact. It is recommended that you use the tokens in the (included) coin capsules or be prepared to clean them regularly when touched by fingertips. We see great results from eyeglass cleaner wipes to restore them to their gleaming mirrored finish. (And doesn't it seem fitting for a Crane master to polish their precision instruments after every battle or performance?)

Honored Heritage

This collector-only style sold out very fast and was a single minting. We will be releasing a similar antiqued variant of the Resplendence token at a later date, but the Heritage variant is sold out.

Brushed Antique Finish: This styling uses an antiqued silver finish to represent the ageless honor of the Crane clan. The brushed metal is clearly visible and makes the texture of every token unique. The darker appearance offers a sharper contrast against the Crane artwork.

Real Silver Plating: These solid metal tokens are coated in a real silver plating before being painted and antiqued.


Additional Details

As with our other reversible tokens, these can represent "honor" on one side using the kanji displayed on the back of the coin. They can represent crane-style counters on the reverse side (pictured here used as "fate" tokens).

These would make amazing tournament and game prizes, or a gift for the collector that must have the absolute best for their games. No one will have more impressive tokens at the table than these custom tokens.

These metal coins are 0.9 inches in diameter (a tad smaller than a quarter) and are a perfect size for gaming. They are dense and really give you the impression of luxury. Tokens are custom-made die-struck soft enamel coins with hand-painted color on both sides.

Bonus accessories: 

  • Both styles: Orders of 20 or more coins will include tubes for storage and transport of your tokens.
  • Reflection style: Protective coin capsules are included. Note that if you choose to use the capsules, they fit very securely and it may be difficult to extract the tokens without damaging the coin capsule.

Limited Quantity: When the current sets of Reflection & Heritage are sold, there will be no more minting runs. We cannot mint more of this series because the metal mold was experimental and later changed to become the Resplendence public variants.

Though fully compatible with Legend of the Five Rings and similar games, these are unofficial and are not associated with or officially endorsed by Fantasy Flight Games or any other entity. Tokens are pictured here alongside promos for L5R Legend of the Five Rings LCG for context. Those cards are not included.


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