Monument to the Architects
Collector Keys Set

Unofficial - Compatible with KeyForge

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See the overview video below to see the designs in full. Prototypes are pictured so some slight color changes or tweaks can be expected in the final product.

Special Offer: When you order a set of Monument to the Architects, you'll receive a three-piece "spare key" set of novelty buttons while supplies last. Give to a dear friend or pin these spares to your backpack for those casual pick-up games.

This three-piece set serves as a glorious monument to the grand designers of the game and world we enjoy so much. With brilliant artwork inspired by cathedral mosaics, these gamepieces symbolize ancient alien artifacts of wondrous power, beckoning you to forge them into their final form. They are designed to be a perfect match for our Treasured Remnant tokens.

Three Reversible Pieces: This set comes with a blue, red, and yellow variant. Each of these three solid metal gamepieces are double-sided, with a dark side and a vibrant side to represent your forging of a particular colored key artifact. 

Solid Metal Radiance: These tokens have a luxurious heft and are undeniably on a different level than your opponent's cardboard. They are 18K gold-plated and are guaranteed to catch the attention of everyone at the table. They were designed with careful coloring to be high-contrast for viewing on stream for competitive players at the top tables.

Prize Quality: These would make amazing game prizes, or a gift for the collector gamer that must have the absolute best for their games. No one will have more impressive tokens at the table than these custom tokens! They are very hefty and really give you the impression of luxury. These are custom-made die-cast hard enamel coins with hand-filled sparkle enamel on both sides.

Trophy Size: These solid metal coins are ~2.5 inches (~64mm) in diameter and have a thickness of 0.2 inches (~5mm). They are some of the most luxurious gamepieces we have ever produced!

Collector Capsules: Clear protective capsules are included for storage, transport, or play. These are designed with the collector in mind and are highly recommended for players who do not use a playmat.

Floating Frame (Optional): For collectors who want to display your gamepieces prominently, we offer a Lighthouse brand "magic" floating display frame. This frame is an excellent accessory for a gift, trophy, or desktop collection display. We felt this unique presentation approach was excellent for our "Monument" design theme. The keys are suspended, floating between two transparent membranes with a black plastic frame.  Overall size: 7 7/8 x 7 x 3/4" (200 x 180 x 20 mm) -- Quantities are limited.

Though fully compatible with KeyForge and similar games, these are unofficial and are not associated with or officially endorsed by Fantasy Flight Games, Asmodee, or any other entity. Tokens are pictured here alongside game materials for context. Those cards and promos are not included.

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