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The gamepieces below are featured in our celebration special deals for Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2019.
  • 20% off: Use code LUXFRIDAY2019 at checkout until Dec 3rd. If you have another VIP code from players/channels we sponsor, that code has also been upgraded to 20% off. Please support the community members by using their VIP code.
  • New Designs and preorders - See below! Yozakura, Keys, +1/+1 and more...
  • Sakura - Most flavors back in stock! See them grow.
  • Clan Coins - $20 off sets of 25+ in addition to the storewide 20% off sale
  • Prize Elemental Rings - $5 off in addition to storewide 20% off sale
  • Discounted shipping: DHL shipments for $100+ orders are 50% off

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