Prized Treasures
Metal Treasure Tokens

Unofficial - Compatible with Magic: The Gathering

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We're proud to introduce our Prized Treasures gamepieces in four finishes. These solid metal tokens are worthy of a tournament prize-- or the perfect gift for the collector who already has everything else. 

Designer Features:

  • Designer Artwork. Your treasure vaults are well-stocked and at your disposal-- featuring our custom depiction of a vault door key, with artistic elements reminiscent of magical artifacts befitting your prowess. Engraved in the metal are the Latin words for "Wisdom is born from the sacrifice of treasure"
  • Multiple Finishes:
    • Sovereign is our newest finish-- matte 18k gold finish that captures a pristine and clean feel, recommended for crisp readability and cleanliness
    • Prized is our antiqued gold-plated variant, great old world magic feel
    • Villainous is our darker design for players that love showing their their sinister side. Perfect for the villain in all of us.
    • Gleaming is a shiny 18k gold finish with mirror-like reflectivity. Ideal for those who treasure extravagance.
  • Reversible. We've designed this double-sided gamepiece to allow you to track your growing wealth by singles on the front side and a large "5" on the reverse side-- both with their own elegant embellishments and styling.
  • Envy of the table. These eye-catching tokens will impress players whether you're the arch-enemy of the table in commander or overwhelming your opponent in tournaments.
  • Luxurious feel. Put these into another player's hands and watch their eyes widen. These have a solid metal weight and sculpturing that will demonstrate that you're playing in a league of your own.
  • Compatible with games like Magic: the Gathering. These unofficial tokens use our own designer artwork. While they are unofficial, they are perfectly compatible with games like Magic. These are not endorsed by Wizards of the Coast or any other entity.


  • Dimensions: 36mm x 25mm x 3mm - 1.4in x 1.0in x 0.1in
  • Weight: 14g / 0.5oz
  • Finish options: Aged bronze finish, Antiqued 18k gold, Shiny 18k gold
  • Material: Solid metal with a durable zinc alloy
  • Coloring: Black, white, blue, green, and red colors using a soft enamel

Note: These are high-end collectible game pieces and are not intended for children.

Though fully compatible with Magic the Gathering and similar amazing games, these are unofficial and are not associated with or officially endorsed by Wizards of the Coast or any other entity. Tokens are often pictured alongside promos and cards for context. Those cards are not included and do not signify any tie to those companies.


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